All of Glen’s beautiful animal paintings define her unique ability to reach the windows of the soul, through their eyes, and these vibrant paintings of your adored pets will forever be a source of pride and comfort.
Due to her innate psychic ability, she is convinced of a subtle communiqué with her study, which allows an indisputable likeness to appear.
Three photos will provide a guide, but not an exact image, (that depends on any input received.)
“Call it channeling if you like, but I know they’re a guiding source for completion of my work, and for that I’m very grateful.” She adds quietly.

In addition to the life like image, Glen incorporates a genuine one point cut diamond (not a chip) in one eye. Unlike anything else, the presence of this gem emphasizes the intrinsic vibrancy of their very ‘soul.’

Delicate watercolor defines your pet, as the art work is completed in Indian ink. Finally, she inserts the small diamond.
She adds that emphasis will be on the face, but integration of the torso will be apparent in the final design.  
Once centered in a 17”x13” space, the painting is ready for a mat and frame. (By choosing your own mat and frame, the cost of postage is reduced considerably.)

By charging a flat fee of $295.00 with free postage and insurance, this purchase is incredibly reasonable. Please see the latest print of “Winnie” our poster pug, painted from a photo.

Glen returns any photos upon completion of the painting.

Please contact Glen at (719) 275-0229 or email her for details.



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My invention allows you to set the twist on your plied yarn in about an hour.

This replaces the Niddy Noddy and Swift. You have already washed your fiber why take all day to wash and set the twist in you fiber?  The  Wacky Vollmecke can do it all at  one time.

Simply take the plied yarn spool directly off of your spinning wheel. Place it on the Wacky Vollmecke .

Grab your garment steamer or steam iron and set the twist as you wind into a skein.

I have added a counter that gives you the yardage directly from your spinning. Now you can wind into a ball from the " Wacky Vollmecke " or take off on a skein.

Skein measures 2 yards.

The Wacky Vollmecke is affordable, made of hardwood, durable and totally unique.

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